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Stacksuit / IBB Praha:
Ibrahim Bello & Steven Lord

Delivering a successful business requires agility and the ability to pivot. This IBB community website was facilitated by the ‘acquisition’ of Founder Member Ibrahim Bello.

As an insider, he recognized the business growth potential for his own Stacksuit project by contributing his technical expertise to the creation and launch of this  website.

By adopting  a classic ‘givers gain’ gambit, Stacksuit and IBB agreed a win/win partnership which proved game changing for both.

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Birmingham Enterprise Community:
Networking Works

One of 2020’s newcomers to IBB was UK based Daniel Evans and partner Omran Al Habbal with their BEC project.

A startup incubator created for a new breed of entrepreneurial community, the team are looking to work alongside individuals, organisations and institutions towards achieving common goals rather than individual pursuits.

IBB Founder Member Mark O’Brien brought Dan into IBB, quickly triggering several new business interactions with other Members all promising to bear fruit during 2021.

Based on collaboration, not competition, BEC and IBB together eloquently make the point that Entrepreneurship is for everyone and networking works.

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Elisph Ltd & Kerberos Invest:
Mark O’Brien and Jan Zikmunda
Joint Venture

Founder Member Jan Zikmunda joined in 2019 as fund manager for Kerberos Invest, a boutique investment house, with a refreshingly different approach from their competitors, (no middle-men and higher returns).

In 2020,  UK resident Mark O’Brien, with a strong track record in financial services and a connection to a new UK based equity investment fund (Roundhay Capital), joined the IBB community Within a matter of weeks he and Jan had set up a joint venture project with Roundhay Capital,  the Kerberos-IBB US Equity Mini-Fund, linked to the Roundhay Capital investment vehicle, and with the full regulatory approval of the Czech authorities. Win/win.

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IBB Online Virtual Office:
Richard Stevens & the Trello board
Momentum & Scale

Prague based UK expat Richard Stevens is a core IBB activist. Alongside Hana Hajova, another Prague resident, the pair have consistently ‘shown up’, contributing and supporting the project from its earliest days.

Richard’s natural business instincts, as an experienced project manager, lean towards clarity and order, so no surprise when he introduced the Trello project management app to the community as a means of making  data about our growing list of business development projects accessible to all IBB members.

The Trello management tool has now become a weekly Monday online ‘open office’ review/meetup, directing our focus on the progress of IBB member’s own business projects.

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