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International Business Bureau

Founded in Prague, our members have now spread to the UK, Turkey, Italy and China, as well as Czechia.

Like so many others, we’ve adapted to an online format in a mission to build our own business ecosystem.

Find out more about the IBB community, how to join one of our weekly online Bus Dev Meetups, partner with us, and even how to become a member.

We’re here for you if you’re looking to grow; no matter what, we’re always in your comfort zone.

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Our core business services

Ventures, Partners & Projects
Business is hard and lonely, but fun

Everyone in IBB is doing it, some for the first time, others persisting after many years. Whatever stage you’re at with your business project you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us.

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Commitment-free Access
The Stuff of Business

Having someone on hand to give specific occasional support can be priceless. If you’re looking for commitment-free access to specialist expertise our diverse roster of business professionals can take care of your needs.

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Flexible Terms
Consulting is collaboration

It’s the human touch that we invest in relationships which makes all the difference. If there’s a specific development need required for your business then we can help with imaginative and flexible terms if it’s a clear win/win.

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Join the IBB conversation...

‘...who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on conversation with a stranger? Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence.’ (Timothy Leary)


THURSDAY MORNING, 09.30HRS CET (08.30HRS UK). 90 minutes duration.
How to join

Click on the meeting date you wish to join and complete the pop up with your email address. You’ll receive an acknowledgement of your request, followed by a confirmation email 48 hours before the meeting date, and then an email on the day, 30 minutes before the meeting starts with the link for you to join in. Simple.